When you evolve a dino, everything that was in their inventory will be lost. Make sure you have removed everything from the inventory you want to keep. Also make sure that you are not doing the evolution too close to another tamed dino becasue in some rare cases, that can mess up the evolution.

Note: Evolutions Keep the Level of the dino you are evolving from but not the stats, these are treated as if they were wild and randomly distributed on creation of the new dino, so the Higher level Dino you Evolve From the more points you have that get distributed on evolving to the new dino.

Link to Current Dino Evolutions List : https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/893735676/1840188800784081846/

Evolving to Infernal

Craft an Infernal potion, put it in the inventory of your dino, ride the dino and then press X to start the process.
A dome will appear around the dino, which will last 30 seconds, and then your dino will be replaced by its Infernal version.

Make sure that no other dinos are nearby (the radius of your dino x 4 to be sure) when you hit X.

Evolving to Darkstar(Disabled)

Craft a Compy Summon at the Boss Summoner. That will spawn you a tamed EvoBuddy. It will want Raw Prime Meat to grow EvoFuel and a couple of other items to be able to evolve to the next stage. 1 EvoFuel takes 60 seconds to craft and it will autocraft EvoFuel as long as you have Raw Prime Meat in its inventory.

These are the current stages.

  1. Compy
  2. Raptor
  3. Carno
  4. Allo
  5. Rex
  6. Giga
  7. DodoRex
  8. Darkstar

Evolving to The Unknown

Any Prime or Infernal Wyvern can evolve to The Unknown Wyverns.
InDominus Gorilla can evolve to The Unknown Gorillas.
There are 3 types.

  • Fire(red) – deals more damage.
  • Lightning(blue) – is really fast,Does Lightning Damage
  • Poison(green) – lower hp but does significant torpor dmg.

Evolving to the RaphusDodo

Eternal Dodo can evolve into the Raphus Dodo.

Evolving to Zombie Wyverns(ReMoved)

Alpha Wyvern can evolve to Zombie Wyvern, Power Zombie Wyvern, Speed Zombie Wyvern & Poison Zombie Wyvern.

Evolving to the Frost Wyvern

Prime Wyvern can evolve into the Frost Wyvern.

Evolving to the Cursed Elementals

All Elemental to Cursed Evolutions now complete except dragons, Argent and Allo use crafting BP in inventory to evolve. All other Elementals use Cursed Potion, put in dino inventory, Ride them Press X same as Prime to Infernal.

Evolving to the Ice Elementals

All Elemental to Ice now completed. The Ice Wyvern will be evolved from the Prime Wyvern. To tame an elemental Ice creature you must evolve it from an elemental fire, poison, or electric elemental version of the dino you want by placing an ice potion in the inventory and pressing either X or Left Ctrl while riding.

Evolving to Prime Poison and Lightning Elementals

This can only currently be done on Pteranodon ,Frog,Direbear,Mantis and Allosaurus Primes. Place 50 blue aberration gems for the lightning evo or 50 green aberration gems for the poison evo into the inventory, ride and press x on Allo and Left Ctrl on Ptero.

Evolving to Alpha Poison and Alpha Lightning Elementals

This can only currently be done on Pteranodon ,Frog,Direbear and Allosaurus Alphas. Place 25 blue aberration gems for the lightning evo or 25 green aberration gems for the poison evo into. the inventory, ride and press x on Allo and Left Ctrl on Ptero. Similar to the Prime Evos.

Evolving into TLC Variants (Elementals Only)

Use TLCEvo Potion for evolving dinos. Crafted in eternal workbench same requirement as ElemEvo potion. Currently only supports Elemental Rexes,AND Alpha and up Argentavis.

Link to currently Supported dinos for TLC Evolutions: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/discussion/893735676/1835685838071077606/