Nitrado – For sponsoring Eternal with official servers.

NarKotix – For customizing our tranqs. God of graphs.
Tbjbu2 & Dreyn74 – For their work and in making Redemption.
KnoT – For all your hard work acting as a community manager, providing servers and a SVN, in the beginning.
Yuriko – For all the different mod logotypes.
Ari – For all the graphics for the Steampage.
Nuke – For all the awesome screenshots provided to the modpage.
OrionSun – For super spyglass open source code.
All Past and Present Developers of the mod team who have contributed anything to the overall development of the mod over the last 2 years plus .

Stoneworld Battle & Volatile Reaction Kevin MacLeod (

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

All of our testers. You have helped speeding everything up alot.
Our users, without you there wouldnt be any need for this mod.